Recommended Training Pathway for Online Instructors

eLearning Committee – UNM-LA


1.    Before teaching online:

a.            Attend In-house Workshops on:

                                          i.    Getting Started with Blackboard Learn – Carol Furchner

                                         ii.    UNM-LA’s Online Course Template – Carol Furchner

                                        iii.    Online Course Design: Beginning with the End – Tracy Thompson

                                       iv.    Creating Powerpoints, Screencasts, Videos, etc. – DeBray Bailey


b.            Get Connected with a Mentor:

                                          i.    Sciences – Susan Schauer

                                         ii.    Math – Anna Durakiewicz

                                        iii.    Humanities and Social Sciences – Carol Furchner, Tracy Thompson


c.            Attend External (online) Workshops from Quality Matters:

                                          i.    Design Your Online Course (DYOC)

                                         ii.    Teaching Online (TOL)


d.            Attend Online Teaching Network meetings

                                          i.    Informal information exchange

                                         ii.    Meet approximately monthly, times vary, announced via email



2.    After teaching one or more semesters online, continue with any of the above activities, and add:

a.            Attend In-house Workshops on:

                                          i.    Advanced Blackboard Learn (topics) – Carol Furchner

                                         ii.    Advanced audio-visual technology (topics) – DeBray Bailey


b.            Attend a Variety of External (online) Workshops offered by:

                                          i.    Quality Matters (QM)

                                         ii.    Online Learning Consortium (OLC)


c.            Receive Certification in Online Teaching:

                                          i.    Online Learning Consortium certification

                                         ii.    Certificate for Online Adjunct Training (COAT)

d.           Request an informal online course review ­– Tracy Thompson or Anna Durakiewicz


See page 2 for websites and contact information.


Contact Information:

DeBray Bailey – using tools for creating classroom materials and activities


Anna Durakiewicz – online course reviews in math


Carol Furchner – Blackboard Learn workshops, free web technologies and resources for teachers


Susan Schauer – external workshops and training, mentors


Tracy Thompson – In-house workshops on course design, online course reviews except math






Visit these sites for information about upcoming training and workshops; each one offers several each year.


Quality Matters Website (QM)


Online Learning Consortium Website  (OLC – formerly Sloan-C)



Certificate for Online Adjunct Training (COAT) – Maryland Online













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