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Online Classroom Netiquette

Netiquette (from UNM-LA Online Course Template)
Discussion and Blog Netiquette (from UNM)
15 Essential Netiquette Guidelines to Share with Your Students
Understanding Incivility in Online Teaching

General Tips and Information

Faculty Focus - website and newsletter (free); contains general information and suggestions for teaching.

On Course Workshop - Best Practices - " Here you’ll find hundreds of practical applications of the On Course Learning and Instructional Principles. These applications can be used by educators across disciplines, even without their having yet attended an On Course Workshop. Each best practice uses an active learning structure and also has the purpose of empowering students to become active, responsible and successful learners."

Developing a Growth Mindset - This power point presentation is from a Faculty Assembly meeting on April 20, 2017. It describes what a growth mindset is, how it can benefit students, and a few techniques that you can use to help your students develop a growth mindset. The original full workshop presentation from which the Faculty Assembly presentation was derived, can be found here.

- This power point presentation is from a Faculty Assembly meeting in October, 2017. It describes the role of the classroom environment in helping a student to develop self-efficacy, the belief that she/he can meet challenges with appropriate effort. It also describes the role that undergraduate research and internship activities can play in developing self-efficacy, and in students' academic success. A substantial list of STEM student research organizations and opportunities is provided at the end.

Why Freshman Year in College Will NOT Be 13th Grade - This article is for both faculty and students. For faculty, it helps to explain the expectations gap between students, especially new students, and faculty. If students' expectations of what they will need to do in college and what support they will get from faculty is not in line with what faculty are expecting of them, faculty get frustrated and students flounder. This article provides some clues for how faculty can bridge the gap. For students, it contains a simple layout of typical student expectations and faculty expectations to highlight the differences, and it provides quotes from students that students may "hear" better than they do statements from us.

Plagiarism Information - This is a modern-looking tablet-friendly site that contains a lot of information about plagiarism: what it is, how to avoid it, how to paraphrase and quote, how to cite sources appropriately, and links to information about several different citation styles, FAQs. The site itself is a vehicle for advertising WriteCheck, owner of Turnitin; it contains a link for submitting a paper for analysis, for a modest fee. However, the site is valuable without using any paid-for service.

How to Write Good Multiple Choice Questions - This link contains a wealth of information about all aspects of creating and using multiple choice questions. It contains five links, ranging from concise and direct to long and explanatory. The first link, Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions, focuses on the highlights of how to construct the stem and alternatives and how to write effective questions.