• A mentor can help interested faculty get the training, resources and support they need to create and teach a quality online course.A mentor can review professional development options with faculty and guide them through the process of obtaining training.

    • Mentoring supplements our campus Instructional Technology program of one-on-one training and group workshops.

  • A mentor can coach instructors through online course development and teaching, by providing example courses, discuss techniques, address subject-specific issues and individual needs.

  • A mentor is available for rapid response to answer questions and to refer faculty to a collection of resources and campus experts.

Mentors and Contact Information:

Sciences - Susan Schauer (sschauer@unm.edu)

Math - Irina Alvestad (irina@unm.edu)

Humanities, Social Sciences, other - Tracy Thompson (tthompsn@unm.edu), Carol Furchner (furchner@unm.edu)

New mentors may not be listed here. For help in signing up with a mentor or finding a mentor, please contact Susan Schauer.